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Why it’s not easy for Gay to find Mr. Right?

Gay dating is very sensitive issue and has its own values in gay lifestyle. Like other dating partner, gay guys also have some desires in terms of dating. There are some feelings or demands that are mandatory to be fulfilled before date someone or share a bed. There are many reasons that make gay guys to wait for long period to get his Mr. Right. It's really hard to find Mr. Right in any relationship. Here in this article, we entitled few of these reasons that why too many gay men are being single didn't find Mr. Right. Here are few reasons.

Physical attraction – one thing between women and men dating is clearly un-common. Women can make up with any guy to whom they are connected emotionally. Women are full of emotions and sentiments and therefore the success ratio of their sexual relationship with their partners are quite high as compared to men. Although, few of them will give priority to men physic but rest approximate 70% of women are emotionally connected with their partner and can easily bound with them for sexual relationship.

Men especially when we talk about gay hookup, men will always give preference to physical attraction rather than emotionally attachment before making any sexual relationship. For gay chat, Physical attachment or attraction is quite important than anything else. Even though, if you are highly impressed or attracted emotionally toward a guy. You really like to spend time with him or enjoys his company, but that doesn't mean that you are willing to make any sexual relations with him. Physical attachment is quite mandatory in gay dating for any sexual relations. Not sure about others, but surely I am not the one who will make any sexual relationship with any guy if I am not physically attracted toward him no matter how good or well behaved man is he or how strong we have an emotional attachment with each other. It's better if gay guys will fulfill their sexual desires emotionally rather than physically, I am sure that gay guys will live more happy and successful life in terms of relationship and dating.

There are some other reasons that also make the gay men to stay single for long. Some guys are looking for just fun and dating and few of them are quite sensitive and looking for wedding instead of bedding together. Guys only looking for sex all time instead of spending some quality time together, that also won't work for long and it results, relationship ends too quickly as it start. Looking for one night stand or only purpose behind relationship is having sexual relationship also didn't work in good side. For a perfect dating partner, you must get the best both in terms of physically or emotionally. If you are missing a single one from both these, it's sure that you are not going to enjoy your dating or your dating won't go for long.

So, I think these are the main reasons that gay men are singles for long and didn't able to find the perfect match.

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