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How To Enjoy Safe Sex as a Gay Man

It does not matter whether you are gay or straight, you should always take care of you and your partner. If you are someone who is new into the world of gay dating apps then you must only prefer to have safe sex.  It is always important to have a condom to be safe from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Starting first, you must go for a good brand of condom that is reliable. One must also go for lube when going for gay sex after dating on gay app. Water lube is more prefered than other forms of lube. Such lubes and condoms that are meant for this purpose can also be a little more expensive than regular products as a lot of research money goes into such products. Having some fun and dating is not a bad thing but you must not take risk with your health on the risk of catching an STD.

Get Rid Of Fears
In order to make sure that neither you or your partner gets infected by HIV you should wear condom during the whole session of sexual activity. You should wear a condom while handjobs, blow job and even more so in the case of anal sex. If you are doing it for the first time then you should also make sure that you do not have a painful experience as this is the most common fear that we all have. Instead with some consideration and precision this can be a rather pleasurable experience. The same tutorials and techniques that apply for a couple during straight sex also apply for the gay couple.  There is no need to be very scared. The steps are simple. At first you have to find a place that you both can rest each other.

Lube It Up
The second step is that you have to apply your fingers on the anus and rub it slowly to check whether there is some poop there. Incase there is then you have to gently remove it with a napkin or just rub it off and wash it.  The second step before having anal sex is that you should use lube. You do not need any moisture cream or water in this step, all you need is a thick lube. You need a good lubricant for pleasurable sex. The secret iws to use lots of lube on the anus for lubrication. And this is an important step so you should use the thickest lube that you can find.

DO Not Forget Foreplay
There is no fun to the game if you do not spice things up and add some excitement. Make yourself and your partner happy with cuddling, hugging, playing with each other and kissing.After that you are ready to start.

Be Delicate
This is a very important point. You need to move forward and insert your Penis into the whole with all the delicacy. You do not have to over do it, go slow and when your gay partner is ready then you can insert it deeper.It might hurt in the beginning but then it will start to feel better and better. The last thing is you must allow the anal muscles to relax and not over do it if it is your first time. !

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